Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yaaron.. Main to Chalaaaaa

So finally I am on my way to home. Honestly, I have never been so-damn excited for a vacation. But I guess this time, these holidays for me decided to take themselves a bit too literally.

I just need a goddamit break. Break from everything that has got me all scared and tense since last 10 days. A break from my frustration routine of how I while away my days so-not-constructively. a break from days like the last 3 ones when I am feeling ill and dont even wanna be better. In short, A break from this whole disapproving ambience.

Same bloody calls. Same bloody Questions. Same bloody desire to tear your hair apart in sheer frustration. Why is it so tough for some to understand that Friends should be let themselves for once. Ahh leave it!

I just need a break from all these. I wonder if its really that tough for the one up there, or he's just plain adamant to punish me at once for all the wrong deeds I have ever done in my life.

Diwali is the festival of lights. Somehow, I have an inkling this Diwali will certainly lighten up my life, as its actually supposed to. And mind you, I am not talking about those noisy fire-crackers!

Yesternite, I had this great G.D. session with my room-mates over the famous battle of Money and Principles. In short, all of us got to thrash each other openly in good humtour (with a tinge of sarcasm though) and I must say, I had a Bash. Somehow, My fever also cooled down by the time I went to bed. Thank u, Rahul and Tarun. I must say You could have opted for Medical too. :P

Life has not changed much since the last time I visited this page. I felt so many times in these 5 days like just writing whatever i want to. But the Super-Tornado struck me at the right time, And It made me come to a state where I just wanted to be free of any thoughts, let alone try to jot down my thoughts on this alter-ego url address, namely

CAT is coming nearer and nearer, and I hardly seem interested in studying. Though i never aimed for it either, But I guess it'd have been much more pleasant if I was decently prepared till Nov 16 too. Lets hope I encounter the desired status on Dec 21 atleast.

However, FILMI FREAK has sincerely helped me remain attached to my crazy Movie thoughts. Every day, I read some zany comments and meet some outrageous people with as-different-as-i-can-get-from-u views. And it only strengthens my belief that Different People have Different Perceptions. I guess I just as well may end up updating my other blog too. Do check it out my later tonite.

I guess I have blabbered enough for now. By the way, This was the first time I wrote a post on an impromptu basis, and didnt i Enjoy it ?? :D



Starkiss said...


I just wish that divali do bring some light in ur life.. :P
and all these tensions disappear like some miracles ;) !!

and abt CAT..its all upto u ;)

Harsh said...

Upto me.. and then, upto something else also... ;)


Prachi said...

i thot someone posted me a blog link on every update

anyways.... here u get a much deserved brk
happy diwali to u and ur family >:D<


Harsh said...

Madam ji.. I dont break my habits without any reason.... :P

And happy diwali to u too.... enjoy... ;)

Sajal Ehsaas said...

Happy Diwali :)

the best way to face the worst is to be prepared for the worst but expect the best... :P
Sorry if I confused u