Friday, July 25, 2008

Just Lose it!

Had a nice long sleep after eons, before finally waking up around 12 in the morning. Ehh.. Sorry, Afternoon. :D

And then, the whole day passed... just like that!

First, I tried watching a movie with Mummy ; It was J.P.Dutta's 'Ghulami'. But I could see Mummy getting bored of it within first hour itself. So I turned it off, saying we will catch it later. Lols.

And about the rest of the day, I actually find it hard to recollect what I did! Wonder whats gonna be my Routine for next week or so, considering I am feeling so jobless after my exams.

Ohh ya, Mani mausi (My maternal aunt) made a visit to our place with my cousin Kavya. Kavya is so cute, man. She is just 3 and a half, but knows all the worldly things from now itself.

Wonder what will happen once she actually 'Grows Up'. Sigh!

And ya, I have made up my mind now. I will lose the extra flab I have gained, by hook or by crook! Come what May!

I have had enough of those comments on my reincarnated Tummy. Okay, agreed, I have added a couple of kilos. But does that mean You just have to make it obvious, by telling it again and again ??

So its done! Another Item is added to my 'Things to Do' list now - lose weight. Serious weight!

Just wonder how will i keep myself away from those Mc Veggies, Sandwiches and Paani-puri. :l

Help me... Help me.. Help me... Ohh GOD!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Missing someone ??

Reached home after a loooooong journey (as usual :P). and Saw TV after eons. felt nice. lols.
And then, Then I also heard some really embarrasing things about my current looks.

"Your face has swollen", "Your girth has doubled", "Do your Pants fit you even now ??" - Srinu Maama (My Maternal uncle) was unstoppable. As ever. But today, he was still a bit soft, as compared to past records. :d

Just that I felt bad today, because It was about my Weight. b-)

Saw 'Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayi' in the evening. More on that in my other blog ‘Making Love to Movies’

Also, I felt I dont REALLY miss my friends. Now I do feel really nice when I am in their company, and have a great time. But I dont feel Odd when they aren't with me. Guess I am sounding too mean, but thats the truth unfortunately.

This thought struck me when I received a forward from one of my college friends with a tag in the end 'Miss You'. I was like 'Oh really ?? Did you really MISS me as such ??

On second thoughts, let me try to decipher what does Missing means. When we want a person to be with us, and seek their presence despite having others around (or just no one), Thats when Its said to be MISSING SOMEONE.

And now I may sound like a Materialistic rascal, but the truth is, I hardly MISS anyone now-a-days.

Just Wonder whether I have become like this only now, or was I always such a selfish creep.

On this self-doubting note, I sign off. Chao!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Your time starts... NOW!

“Kripya dhyaan deejiye. Indore.. se chal kar.. Jammutavi jaane waali… Malwa express platform no. 4 par aa chuki hai”

The Train I had boarded had finally arrived Bhopal. I was happily listening to my fav. Songs as the railway announcer said this, and I got up from my seat to pick up my luggage. When I bent, I saw something that made my jaw fall down.

Nothing. There was nothing. My suitcase was missing!

“Gosh! What now ?? How come its not there ?? Shit, is it stolen ?? What now ?? What all did that suitcase contain ?? Only my clothes, ohh then fine. Oh shit, All my Movie CDs too, which I bought from my first salary. Shit shit shit! What will I say to Mummy ??”
I was panicking like anything.

Just then the Man who was sitting besides me throughout the journey, tapped my shoulder. When I turned around, He said “Sorry yaar. Who galti se tumhara le gaya tha”

I felt like shooting him right there, for giving me the most scary 2 mins in the recent past. But Since, I am no saddam hussain, I had to say “Its ok.”, With a as-fake-as-it-can get smile.

This is the beginning of a journey towards a new destination. The countdown to CAT Starts as I, lost in my thoughts, brood about the next 4 months and their would-be intensity in terms of hard work and efforts I will have to put in.
I am excited that exams are over. Not happily though…

Will I finally start working hard for CAT ?? Will I be able to watch atleast 3 movies a week, without negotiating my study time ?? Will I be able to restrict myself from yahoo messenger and Orkut ?? And oh ya, Will I be able to update my blog as regularly ?? Hehe…

Questions galore, Answers too. But all kept closed in a box which shall open soon…

By the way, If you are in Love, travelling alone may seem as the most frustrating thing on Planet earth. And then, train journeys and Romantic songs on your I-Pod are a deadly combination.

It feels damn low when You listen to such lovely lines set on even lovelier tunes, and just wish that Your beloved was with you right there, in your arms.

Ah well.. Sometimes I feel I was freee of all thoughts for a while, and just lay down.
But I guess that’s not possible. Not atleast for the next 4-5 months.

Now that practically everyone is staring at me in this dingy waiting hall of Bhopal Railway station, I sign off.
Hope to have a nice time for the rest of the journey too.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Exams over! Finally!

Thats a tiring note now, to explain how was my day.

Firstly and foremostly, Exams over! Yippie!
Not happy because I am free of those boring books now, but because I wont have to lie to Mummy now when she'd ask me whether I am studying or not. ;-)
Gawd! I realised that I hardly concentrate when I am studying. I could've done a much better job today, given I had paid attention to my notes a bit more.
But I guess Thats my patent thought every time when my exams end. Lols. Leave it.

Secondly, A few of us gathered after the exam and had a Ball eating all the junk food at 56, a famous food street in Indore.

And then, I saw off VK, my closest friend out here at College. She was quite sad, and We had a long chat on rly. station, amidst our weird non-veg jokes. I was really scared every moment, for her Boy-friend was right there. Thankfully, He seemed quite cool about it. ;-)

Query of the day...
If You realise You are the reason for growing distances between two people who were great buddies at once, What should You do ??

On this note, I sign off now. Gotta get up early tomorrow. Packing left to do. and many more.

I am coming, Mummy... :-)

Experiencing the Extremes!

What better way to start a day than a movie ?? I wake up and get ready in 20 mins (that’s a record for me, probably!) to catch the latest blockbuster 'Jaane tu... Ya Jaane Na' for the 3rd time. I wonder to what extents Can i go, if I really want to do something...

Anyways, More on that in my other blog ‘Making Love to Movies’ ;-)

Came online after coming back to room. Later, I did study for a while but soon succumbed to unfulfilled wishes of one of my best friends – Sleep. But then, I finally decided to break his heart after accompanying him for around 2 hrs. And Did resume studies till I came back online all over again. Lol.

One unique thing I did today was I SMSed almost every contact in my phone book. Very few of them cared to reply however. As usual. May be they want to punish me for the cold shoulder I have been giving them since last couple of months. Oh Whatever!

Realised two things today. One – I am using the F-word a bit too much now-a-days, for whatever reason. In my thoughts ofcourse (Although I do blurt it out at times)

And two - I have really put on a lot of weight! God help me and my appetite..

Another interesting thing happened after I came back from Dinner. A middle aged man, who had just shifted to our hostel yesterday to stay for a few days, was chatting with my room-mate V, as if he was doing some serious talk over India’s economy. Later I realised that they were talking about his son who had just taken admission in our college. I chose to ignore them first, but had to join forcibly for a while when He made some queries to me about my stream BBA.

The best part was still to come. When He went, V said “Ass-holes! They see an open door, and think everyone else is free to discuss his son’s future. Don’t even see that others are not as jobless.”

I wish I could maintain double-standards as well whenever I wanted. It does help at times, you see. ;-)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mixed feelings!

This day will be remembered for the mixed feelings it gave me.

Just as I woke up lazily and went to unlock my door, as I usually do when I wake up, I saw a heap of luggage outside the door of my adjacent room. I was taken aback somewhat.

Well now, That room belonged to Pratik. Pratik & I were great friends at once, and even shared rooms. But one, I found that he was cheating on me (or rather, felt!). We just broke off. I changed my room, and My group of friends changed altogether.

Its been 10 months now, and We both have totally got over each other. Suddenly, He scraped me a few days ago, wanting to patch up things. I appreciate him for the heart to take an initiative. But I wondered whether If I agreed to patch up, and he'd think I did it just to get his help during exams. So negative of me, but true! What if He felt that ?? Who am I to control his thoughts ??

So I wanted to wait for the exams to end before patching up. So When I saw that luggage outside, I feared for a second. What if He was leaving right now ?? What would I do ?? Man, I was really nervous.

After a while, I saw Chinmay in his room. Now he is another of my friends with whom I had a big time fight over such a silly matter (even embarassing to be mentioned here!) long ago.
I gasped and took a long breath, hoping its his luggage and he has come back after his holidays.

I went to have Lunch releaxedly. When I came back, there was no Luggage outside. Shocked, I ran straight into the room, only to see it empty to a tee.
Pratik is gone! And so is the chance to reconcile most probably. I Just Hope I manage to catch him at Exam centre on the 22nd. :-)

Secondly, Veena, another of my friends made a light-hearted complain of being taken for granted. Oh really!
I wonder If I really start taking people granted when they get a bit too close to me. Or is it just one's perception that changes, after he/she gets closer to a person.

I get more confused as I think about it. lets skip it for now.

Also had a long chat with Mummy after a loooong time. The talk was about Jaane tu..., Mumbai Trip, CAT etc etc. ;-)

As far as Studies are concerned, I did manage to give them some time. It doesnt feel nice to ignore some one so much afterall.. ;-)

P.S. - And If there is anything termed as 'The day of Excellent Meals', Its July 20, 2008 for me. Had 5 Alu Parathas in the lunch. And then, 3 large sandwiches in my Dinner.

Now thats what I call Living life, as I want. ;-)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

2 years of a New beginning...

This Monday, Just as I came back to my room after a hard day writing those bloosy lengthy answers of my 4rth sem exams, Something clicked in my Mind. July 15.
Yes! Something crucial. A landmark of sorts, when it comes to dates. “Today, I complete 2 years of a new beginning”, I cheered to myself as I unlaced my shoes.

2 years time is not a very long period. It may even mean nothing to someone. But for me, It certainly has been one helluva fascinating experience. A major turning point, from where I literally was to explore new arena, meet new people, Lead a different life altogether.

Being the only child of my Mother, I was always a spoilt brat. I have always enjoyed my life in my own way. Till 8th std, Cricket, Songs, TV, Magazines - That’s all I needed to have a good day. I had no inkling of the responsibilities on my shoulders et al.

It was only after 10th that I began spending more time with living beings, and lesser with TV and Magazines. And by the time I finished my schooling, I was quite habituated to spending time with friends. Infact, I was too addicted to school life, tuitions and its fun, fooling around on half empty streets of my home-town to even think of a new life, a new routine, a new way of living.

And then, I was supposed to live 3 years away from home. These 2 years being from away from home and everyone who counted, have taught me a lot.
Now Here’s a brief account of what I think constitute last two years for me…

What I learnt ??

1. A new meaning of the term ‘Loneliness’. Its not when You are all alone, shedding tears on your pillow remembering your Your class-room memories. Its when You are standing in crowd, but still feel secluded and cant even cry.
2. What caring actually means. Till school, It was more about Company and sharing. But now, I also got serious care from everyone around me, which made me wonder in return whether I really cared for anyone ever in my life.
3. As they called it in Lage raho Munna Bhai, Net Practise! :l
4. What Films are actually about. Finally came out of my myth that I knew it all. :P
5. Not learned, but just reassured that Life is about Moving on, come what may.
6. College life is boring, but only as long as You decidedly are.
7. That Exams at my college are not meant to be taken seriously!
8. Enthusiasm and Zeal has nothing to do with age and experience. Thanks, Sir. :-)
9. Fights are not permanent. Only Relations are.

What I gained ??

1. Friends, And that too from the most unexpected place. And They mean a Lot. I know they are for a life-time, because they always made sure I was never alone, even when I adamantly wanted to be. Thank you, guys. :-)
2. Confidence to talk to girls without any restrain. Trust me guys, It means to me more than Topping my university. ;-)
3. Love. In its most contructive and destructive forms. ;-)
4. A sense of humour. Finally!
5. A passion for Films, That is least likely to burn out ever.
6. A Heart-break. The most disappointing and yet the most encouraging of them all.

What I lost ??

1. Innocence. And I do regret that somewhat. :-(
2. Touch with a few of those who were the most integral part of my life at some point of time.
3. The value of everything that I got used to, no matter how ever precious They were.
4. My Ego. May it Rest in Peace. :-)
5. That simple joy of living in a small town and sleeping peacefully at Home.

These Two Years have taught me a new approach towards life. And As I See it now, Life is like the accelerator of a motorbike, which if taken too easily may make you fall badly or if dealt too hardly will make you collide someway or the other.

May I soon learn the tricks to ride my Bike properly. Both literally, and Metaphorically. ;-)