Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yaaron.. Main to Chalaaaaa

So finally I am on my way to home. Honestly, I have never been so-damn excited for a vacation. But I guess this time, these holidays for me decided to take themselves a bit too literally.

I just need a goddamit break. Break from everything that has got me all scared and tense since last 10 days. A break from my frustration routine of how I while away my days so-not-constructively. a break from days like the last 3 ones when I am feeling ill and dont even wanna be better. In short, A break from this whole disapproving ambience.

Same bloody calls. Same bloody Questions. Same bloody desire to tear your hair apart in sheer frustration. Why is it so tough for some to understand that Friends should be let themselves for once. Ahh leave it!

I just need a break from all these. I wonder if its really that tough for the one up there, or he's just plain adamant to punish me at once for all the wrong deeds I have ever done in my life.

Diwali is the festival of lights. Somehow, I have an inkling this Diwali will certainly lighten up my life, as its actually supposed to. And mind you, I am not talking about those noisy fire-crackers!

Yesternite, I had this great G.D. session with my room-mates over the famous battle of Money and Principles. In short, all of us got to thrash each other openly in good humtour (with a tinge of sarcasm though) and I must say, I had a Bash. Somehow, My fever also cooled down by the time I went to bed. Thank u, Rahul and Tarun. I must say You could have opted for Medical too. :P

Life has not changed much since the last time I visited this page. I felt so many times in these 5 days like just writing whatever i want to. But the Super-Tornado struck me at the right time, And It made me come to a state where I just wanted to be free of any thoughts, let alone try to jot down my thoughts on this alter-ego url address, namely

CAT is coming nearer and nearer, and I hardly seem interested in studying. Though i never aimed for it either, But I guess it'd have been much more pleasant if I was decently prepared till Nov 16 too. Lets hope I encounter the desired status on Dec 21 atleast.

However, FILMI FREAK has sincerely helped me remain attached to my crazy Movie thoughts. Every day, I read some zany comments and meet some outrageous people with as-different-as-i-can-get-from-u views. And it only strengthens my belief that Different People have Different Perceptions. I guess I just as well may end up updating my other blog too. Do check it out my later tonite.

I guess I have blabbered enough for now. By the way, This was the first time I wrote a post on an impromptu basis, and didnt i Enjoy it ?? :D


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thodi si padhai, dher saara time waste. I didnt find a reason to blog for last 6 days, as my life strictly moved in sync with those two phrases all these while.

Life cant be just spent by thinking what should be done and what not to be done. One has to get up from his bed, go away from the Laptop and Just do it!
But then, I also realised its no use going yawk yawk at this place about all my misgivings, esp. in case if they are the same every day. :)
So I hope to have something really noteworthy in my life in the coming few days which I will be glad writing about. Lets hope atleast the feel-good ambience of Diwali does its job. :)

Till then, all of you take care and try to waste as less time of your life as possible. :)


Monday, October 13, 2008

Just a random one ;)

Feeling really crappy as I wasted yet another day.. just like that. These sundays really dont wanna be liked and make sure I hate them like anything. Grrr....
Life is anyways full of things which I'd love to do, but fail to do time n again. So Here's a random list of things I wanna do right now.

1. Eat a lot of chocolate. Feeling damn hungry you know, as I mostly do at night... lols
2. Call all my school mates, and tell them that I do miss them at times. :)
3. Watch a solid movie, and enjoy it with the best of my self-indulgence... ;)
4. Forget all the worldly tension about the nearing CAT exam which may just as well clash with my semester exam dates! Gawd...

And ya, I also wanna kill all the ants in the world, thanks to almost half of them who have invaded my study table and right now are playing all over my Laptop Key-board! (God knows what ever attaracted them to a place like this!)

But since My college is re-opening tomorrow after a vacation of 6 loooooooong days, I wonder if I will really dare to do any of these, even if I get a chance. Dont wanna bunk my College anymore ; not for the next 2 weeks atleast.. till Diwali. :D


Saturday, October 11, 2008


I felt as if I have been sent miles away from my beloved. Oh gosh, How i missed my internet connection for last 36 hours!

My net had somehow stopped working since yesterday, and though I didnt have all that much work through net, I still missed my daily routine. Yesterday, After eons, I paid visit to a Cyber cafe. and trust me, It felt really frustrating to sit in those crampy seats struggling with the damaged keyboard and hanging systems.

It was only a few hours earlier that I found out that My net connection was barrd due to non-payment of a bill, that cost me more than my monthly expenses! I knew I went a li'l overboard this month, but this much ?? :O

To my company were some really soulful songs. Some romantic, while some ruthlessly true-to-life. I had a jolly good time getting Nostalgic after a long long time, but that also made me miss one of my closest friends at school. Aah, never mind. :)

Anyways, Life is back to its common route now. I cant dare to write how i spent my last 2 days and one night, as that would remind me of how frivolously careless I am becoming with each passing day. Sorry... :(

However, I did some more of a long-impending work. Hope to finish it by the scheduled date I've fixed. Rest is all fine.

Me going back to my books now. Even they must have missed me, though honestly I didnt! :D


Monday, October 6, 2008

Bas itna sa Khwab Hai...

Just a quick update on A thought that struck me a while ago when I was having my dinner with my room-mates.

Offlate, I have acquired this habit of putting the music on while having my meals, esp. in the night. This night too, I was quietly having my dinner as Tarun, the more restless and bragging of my two room-mates began talking about another of his endless future Business schemes. This time, it was about the launch of a brand in the market of Laundry chain, or if possible a chain of service for house-keeping and stuff. God knows where does he get such ideas from. And although I was nodding in accord, I was more interesting in my Paranthas.

Just then came to my relief an evergreen song. It was "Mere angne mein" from Laawaris (I hope it doesnt need an introduction. Does it ?? :O)

Now there's something about this song that I just can't resist. Either Its the charismatic aura with which Amitabh actually performed, or just the entire fun He seemed to be having while singing it, I always get carried away and find myself imitating BIG B's baritone.

As my dear roomie Tarun was going on and on about How He would like to be known as a Brand and gain unprecedented goodwill all over the country, I was relishing my recollection of the Video of the song, where BIG B entertains his guests to the hilt.

A very disturbing yet intriguing thought hit me. I was so self-indulged in my own world, that I hardly paid heed to what Tarun was blabbering. Give me a thought about My fav. Movies, and a damn to the rest of the world then. I would like to have my peace of mind by watching BIG B doing a drag, rather than planning out financial reports for some machievellan organisations.

Sometimes i wonder If I am exaggerating about my passion for Movies. There must be millions of them like me, I tend to think time & again. And I know that can also be interpreted as sheer laziness to do better but more pain-staking things in life. But whatever it is, I wil anyday (only god knows if bravely or foolishly) choose to be with Movies rather than Masterminds. Thats all i need. Hope I get a chance to do so, without making my close ones conclude that I am just Good-for-nothing. :)


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Baat samjha Karo

Sundays are the worst day of the week, I tell you. When you wake up, they whisper naughtily in your ears, "Just chill, yaar. You have got the entire day".
And Just when You have realised You have chilled a bit too much, they scream at you in front of everyone "I told u na, You are a hopeless fellow. Cant even make use of Sunday. Good-for-nothing."
No wonder Its given a cold shoulder and ousted by all the working days from their group. And I dont think I need to say anything more on how my day has been as yet. :(

Sometimes I feel if I will ever realise how grossly I am wasting my time. There is so much to be done, and I dont mean studies only.

During my Nap in the afternoon, I had this collage of dreams ranging from the weirdest of events to close-to-life ones. In one of them, Mummy just caught me dilly-dallying with my studies and I lied to her convincngly enough. I wonder how many times by now I have done in reality.

Offlate, I have realised I have somehow regained that snob quality which I used to have in my school days. Now-a-days whatever I do anything for anyone, I feel i have done a big favour on others and start acting Arrogantly. Dunno whats wrong with me.
Also , after an economic week or so, I am back to my extra-vagant self. In last 3 days, I have spent 10 times as much as i did in 4 days prior to that. :O
Not very good signs, esp. considering There are so much heavy-duty expenditure to be done in the near future.

Anyways, I just had a walk and am feeling much better. Will finally go to study now. Hope not to be distracted by anything or anyone for next 3 hours atleast. :)


Friday, October 3, 2008


It seems as if Someone has punched it with all the Power He's ever had. The right ear is paining like hell. It seems as I have become half-deaf. I can hardly hear anything from that ear. And that feeling itself makes me restless like anything.
And like everyday, Fate has managed to fetch me one reason for not studying. :((

I am trying my best to divert my mind, But that feeling of an ear being closed makes me so damn uncomfortable. I fail to concentrate on anything.
I wont have any Doctors at this hour of the day to entertain me. And till the Morning, I gotta suffer that feeling come what may. I dont have a choice either. :((

Earlier in the day, I finally summed up all the to go to College and deliver my long impending Presentation. And guess what, Our dear Teacher choose not to come to our class today. Aaj ka hi din mila tha use!

And what the heck! Just a while ago, We got a call from the Tiffin centre, who too refused to provide the meal for tonite.
I certainly had no mood or condition to go out and eat. So in sheer haste and Frustration, I called up Pizza Hut and Ordered for something.
Its only later when I realised it costs me nothing less than Rs. 250. Gawd. :((

After finishing my Pizza, I plan to go back to My studies, and hope that I manage to do that sincerely. Without thinking even once about that Right ear.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Char ka Chamatkaar

Someone told me Tags are the best way to distress yourself. So considering the lull I'm going through, I decided to give it a shot. ;)

Four Jobs I've had in my life
1. Calculator
Mummy has been a teacher ever since I could understand. So preparing report cards of her class students has been just another season for her every year.
And by the time I was 12, My calculation skills were well known in my circle. So Mummy decided to take some help to save her energy, as I earned my first salary - by tallying the marks and calculating the Percentage in the Report cards. 50 paise per Report card. :))
And i Must say, It wasn't bad. :D

2. Tutor
Now there were times when Mummy was too tired to handle so many students all at once. So I did tutor some of her junior students. Its no mean job, i must say. :P
And before you jump to any conclusions, I didnt charge for it... :d

3. Ravisa
Thanks to Divs sir, I got to do a job on a professional level before I'd graduated, so what if temporary. What more, They had to do with movies.
Those 3 months - from Jan to March 2008 were the turning point of my life, in every which way. I felt I was worth of doing something atleast. :)

4rth one - not as yet. :D

Four TV Shows I love to Watch
Coffee with Karan - Whats better than watching your fav. stars in one frame, other than the movies ??;)
Anything on MTV. :d
Great Indian Comedy Show (Twas such great fun at once, with Vinay Pathak and Ranvir Shorey marching the gags)
Indian Idol and all the Reality shows, for all the fun they provide - both intentionally and otherwise. :D

Four places I had lived (in chronological order)
In mummy's Womb, I guess.. :O
Vijayanagaram - I lived there till I was 3. So dont expect me to jot down any memory.
Bhatapara - a very very small town near Raipur, the capital of Chattisgarh, where I Spent almost my entire childhood and teenage.
Indore - Have been here for more than 2 years by now, in the affairs of my so-called graduation. Needless to say, Another experience which taught a few many things. :)

4 places I have been on a Holiday
Ooty, Kodaikanal etc.
Pendra road

While the first two were the part of my school trips, Chennai came along when I had this family holiday with my parents almost 12 years ago.
While Pendra Road is again a very small town near Amartantak, where My Uncle was posted. I spent all my school holidays from 2000 to 2002 - be it Summer, Winter or Diwali - over there. :P

Four of my favourite Dishes
Luchi - Kaju do Pyaza
Malai Kofta
The standard south-indian breakfast items by Naani. ;)
A regular meal cooked by Mummy - Rice, Dal, and Potato Curry. :D

Four Websites I visit daily

Four places I'd rather be right now
My Accountancy Coaching classes
The outers of my town, with My best friend discussing life, love etc.
Times of India office
I better be back to my study table now. :P


Kitabein bahut si....

Assignments and Presentations are finally taking its toll on me. Before I can finish one, I am assigned another. And what the heck - I can hardly comprehend a word of what i am preparing.

CAT preparations, below-average scores in the Mock tests I treat myself with everyday, The fear of not having a sound G.K. and how it will affect my stand for admission in nice colleges, the pressure of 4 assignments at a time, and then, the fear of not being fully prepared when I'd speak in front of 50 peers excluding that Devlisih teacher all ready to bombard me with his Cross-Questioning...
My days pass like a comet as I just while away my time, thinking about all of these.

This makes me not attend any calls, and just avoid any sort of conversation with anyone. May be I feel too guilty to even face anyone. Wonder how i manage to keep all this aside when it comes to my online friends. Thanks, all of you... :)

Under sheer pressure and a fear of being embarrased, I plan to bunk my college tomorrow too, despite of being decently prepared for 2 of my assignments. I dunno why am i even letting this anxiety affect me so badly, but ultimately, IT IS!