Monday, October 13, 2008

Just a random one ;)

Feeling really crappy as I wasted yet another day.. just like that. These sundays really dont wanna be liked and make sure I hate them like anything. Grrr....
Life is anyways full of things which I'd love to do, but fail to do time n again. So Here's a random list of things I wanna do right now.

1. Eat a lot of chocolate. Feeling damn hungry you know, as I mostly do at night... lols
2. Call all my school mates, and tell them that I do miss them at times. :)
3. Watch a solid movie, and enjoy it with the best of my self-indulgence... ;)
4. Forget all the worldly tension about the nearing CAT exam which may just as well clash with my semester exam dates! Gawd...

And ya, I also wanna kill all the ants in the world, thanks to almost half of them who have invaded my study table and right now are playing all over my Laptop Key-board! (God knows what ever attaracted them to a place like this!)

But since My college is re-opening tomorrow after a vacation of 6 loooooooong days, I wonder if I will really dare to do any of these, even if I get a chance. Dont wanna bunk my College anymore ; not for the next 2 weeks atleast.. till Diwali. :D



Kiran said...

Like the topic says... Just a random one ;)

Back to college....lols :p

Take care :)

Starkiss said...

lols...sundays are super boring..hate thm x-(


i can think to comment only on ants after reading this post..

i really hate those antss x-( !!!!!!

and one thg..thts the reason i never bring food near my pc :D !!

Harsh said...


Ya back to college... and to boring lectures.... :((


I guess even i should learn to do that soon.... :D

.................. said...

hmm i dont like chocos at all :p

and suhaila...i always eat food in front of pc :D ...its just that you cant eat meetha type food badly..thora sa gira toh ants just bit cautius white eating tht.. :d