Sunday, August 3, 2008

Yaad Aayenge Yeh Pal...

Finally I got something to write about! Yippie!

August 3, 2008 was one rockin' day! To begin with, Mummy and I chatted for long in these many times. We talked about everything from My career to Movies to My friend circle in Indore. It felt so warm to have such a frank-speak with Mummy Dearest. In a way, Mummy and I revived our friendship which was lost somewhere due to this gap created in last 2 years. :)

And then, I spent some time with a few of my school-mates. There were K, T, S, A and I, me, myself. We all had gathered at T's room. After a while, We got into the groove and came down to the most wicked side of ours to have some 'Fun'. We Cracked the cheapest of jokes, pulled each other's leg and what not. In short, We Had a Ball! It really feels Superb to catch up with Old friends like this, and esp. when Its after Eons.

While we were having dinner at one of the most weirdest 'Dhabas' I have ever been to, T asked me casually 'You are staying overnight at my place, right ??'. I was taken aback, because I had no such Plans. But then, It was the Best way to spend some real quality time with my friends. So I didnt think twice before nodding to him and asking two other of our friends S and A if they could stay back too.

But S being S refused outright stating his patent excuse 'Kaki didnt allow'. I was like 'Yeah Right. Your best friend comes home once a 3-4 months and just asks a few hours from your life. and Your Kaki doesnt allow. What shit'

But then, I had to accept his decision to abide by rules set at home, And A followed suit. Sometimes, I really wished S wasn't so good and obedient.

Anyways, T and I went back to T's room, accompanied by K and V. First we Changed, cleaned the room a bit and then as I had expected, Soon We started chatting about School times. However, K fell asleep soon. Initially, I too struggled a bit with my sleep, but then the talks were so interesting that I had to fight it, which I did.

First We were discussing all the funny moments and the goof-ups We did in class-room and the flak we received from our teachers. And I laughed my heart out after a long long time. But As time passed by, T got very very nostalgic and It was very obvious by his talks that He missed School days really badly. When I counter-pointed that Everyone moves on after School and its natural, T argued saying it doesnt mean One Ignores his/her school friends. If you are wondering where is V in the coversation, He was quietly listening to all of it in the background and nodding in his typical silly manner. :P

As T was expressing his regret of losing out on the company of great friends due to time and loss in touch, I was wandering in my own thoughts. "Have I too become very selfish and lost touch with my school friends ?? Wasnt the fun I had with in School more of fun and had lesser to do with emotional attachment ?? Ask Yourself Honestly, Besides N and S Who are you really attached to ??"

It took me long to come back to what T was saying. After a while, We saw Pics of School trip and thats When I realised How great were those times really. As I browsed through the Photos, Uncountable Memories struck me. And I realised, Emotional or fun, School times had a charm of their own, and will be cherished. TRULY.

After a while, V suggested We go out. And Guess what, We headed to the Rly. Station in a Boxer and A Vest to have a cuppa tea! That experience was Really something. A Cool breeze of air, Empty Roads, Dark sky just getting a Blue layer from one end and We three Idiots roaming in our innerwears.

Finally, We Reached Raipur Rly. Station. It was much more Crowded than I had anticipated, considering it was 4 in the morning. Honestly, I was feeling as If I am naked. But then, I relaxed a bit and We went to the Station Cafe that was surprisingly open. After a cup of Coffee, We ordered for Cheese Chilly Toast. at 4 in the morning. I mean, The Weirdest breakfast I've ever had probably.

Meanwhile, We discussed on Life after School, Importance of Girlfriend in post-teenage (??), Lack of excitement in life and all. We also decided We'd go for a trip to Goa very soon, given everyone's availability occurs around same period of time. Sooner or later. ;)

We came back to room at 5.30, but not before some more struggle and lot more fun. As I had feared, We ran out of Petrol and had to Push Our Bike for about 2 Kms before finally waking a Petrol Pump attendant from his asleep and convincing him to do us the Honours. And on our way, T and I had this Huge debate on Sonu vrs KK! As if FILMI FREAK, my fav. community on Orkut wasnt enough for such debates and fights. Lols.

So after some more Masti and leg-pulling, We finally went to sleep at 6 am! Now thats a perfect way to spend the Friendship Day, isnt it ?? :)