Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

So finally The Year has ended and We are in 2009. Every year brings a lot of changes in your life, And this one was certainly no exception. Infact, 2008 would top the list if the amount of tranformation is concerned. Hehe.

Anyways, Talks of the past will be reserved for my diary or any other Post on my blog. Lets talk about the probable things this year has to offer. ;)

First of all, I wonder where Life's gonna take me as far as My Studies are concerned. By God's grace, There are so many good avenues and I am expected and wished to make the most of it. Seriously.
But before that, I gotta pass all examinations of my final graduation year. And if by any chance I fail in even one of them, BOOM! Its all wasted. All that good luck will go in vain. And I definitely don't want that to happen. Quite obviously.

Secondly, Like Two of my FF co-leagues say I have become too negatively big for my shoes. Divs sir has been saying that for a long time now. So, I hope I become more generous to hindi films, without compromising on my self-indulgence.
That reminds me, I guess this has something to do with the change that has occured in me as a person. I have, for some better untold reasons, become lesser emotional (almost to the extent of being not emotional at all) I've had some experiences which has forced me to draw a line somewhere. I've closed myself, and yet I haven't become totally reclusive.
It has been unexpected, but now Its a part of my being.

Then, I've been so madly in love with this phenomenon called Hindi Films. Last six months, I was in mess where I could neither study nor watch so many films despite adding them to my collection.

But I hope to change the things this year. Its all about Time Management, and I just dont get it. Even if I dont always do meaningful and significant things, Its fine with me. I just want not to while away my time. I will be content even if its reading a novel or preparing my mad movie lists. But I wanna keep doing something or the other. Fingers crossed.. ;)

Hmm.. what else... I guess thats it. Last year was interesting; I expect this year to be as well. Amen. :)