Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ek aakhri Koshish....

What an irony! I come back to my Blog, but only to mention that I will be off for a few more days.... Uff !!

Before Diwali, I was waiting for Life to show some ray of hope, some light. And after Diwali, I am amazed by the amount of Light I've been brought to see. Lols.

Diwali vacation was an absolute treat. I had no other thought and spent all my time with my family. And somehow, I really enjoyed thinking about this fact that I had all the time only for my Mummy and Naani.

Well, Those who know me well know that My idea of enjoying starts and ends with Movies. So What i Did this Diwali was to show all the good recent films which Mummy and Naani hadn't seen. And that included Rock On, A Wednesday, Mumbai Meri Jaan, Bachna Ae Haseeno and as a bonus feature NO SMOKING! :D :))

And then, all I had to do was trigger off a discussion, counterpointing their opinion. And off we were on a never ending debate, that would be ever-accompanied with loud voices and direct attacks. Where do you guys think I got my stubbornity and argumentative skills from ?? :P

And actually, It wasnt just this. I was really 1enjoying and feeling very relieved, very relaxed. It was such a relief from all the heck I was suffering over here. And when D-Day came of leaving back to Indore, I wasnt interested. I didnt wanna leave. I had an inkling I'd again be surrounded with same tensions and all, which I didnt want to.

No wonder I fell ill the very day I came back. Though I did have slight fever when I was leaving, I had no idea it'd would reach heights. I went on to have viral that lasted around a week. There was a time (unfortunately around my Birthday) that I was so weak that I wasnt even able to walk on my own propoerly. It was really sad to see myself in such a state. But Also good to see myself back in form, to my normal self! :)

CAT is just 3 days away, and I practically studied nothing. Its entirely a hopeless case now, but I dont wanna come out of that Hall totally down, depressed discouraged etc. So Here's giving a final shot at what is gonna be the ULTIMATE DAY in the lives of so many Indians.

There's something that gives me a feeling all's not gonna be that bad. Dunno, but kuch positive vibes aa rahi hain. :) And I hope it comes out true.... ;)

So I will give a final try, and my best. For these 3 days atleast. So will be off till the 16th of Nov. And When i come back, I hope You get to read a positive note.... ;)

Have so much to write, and time is so less. Hope to make up for all this when i come back. Chao....


Sajal Ehsaas said...

best of luck dude...I do hope things turm out the best possible way for u :)

Kiran said...

kuch positive vibes aa rahi hain :)

That's the best part in this post :) :D

Continue on a positive note & things will fall in place. Bas you need to make efforts from your end, which I'm sure you are.

All the best & take care.

God Bless :)

Starkiss said...

thts the best post till now !! :P

thres some happiness coming from it..

anyways.. all the bestss

and do ur best..;)
eu know eu can do it :P

d feels so good tht eu r fine now :)

come back soon..i miss the filmi talks :D we have !!

.................. said...

hehe nice .. u enjoyed films n had discussions too :o :p ... best of luck for exam :p .. i dont think it will be bad even if preparations nahi huyi ho :p .. easy paper ayega most probably :p