Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Back! Yet again.... Lols

So finally I am back to where I belong!
Since last 8 days, I am reading books, watching movies galore, eating my fav. goodies whenever i want, fooling around my small rented flat etc etc. In short, basking in the success of what initially seemed like an inevitable Qayamat.

Honestly, I just appeared in CAT, hoping I am not forced to be ashamed later. But I guess this are times when all your friends' best of luck SMSes truly work and God, seeing so many wishes for you, decides to come down and lend his support all by himself.

The whole post-CAT period has been simply unbelievable. After initial uncertainty about my Scores, The signs are roaringly positive. As each day passed, I realised I wasnt so pathetic afterall.

By now, I am pretty sure I havent done bad in CAT. and what the heck, some of the websites even claim I have some very good chances at some of the better colleges in the country after the IIMs. And to think that I hadnt studied for a month before CAT. Gosh!

Mummy still good-humouredly scolds me and tells me that if I did so nicely without studying much, How well I could have done If I'd studied more. But I know this isnt true. I know It my entirely my destiny. I know I had all my luck with me for those 2.5 hours, and that came because for some reason, God was indeed very happy with me. :)

I just hope he is happy with me for the next few months atleast, because this is gonna be a make-or-break period. I will make sure I dont hurt any soul on this planet, that can make him detach from me... hehe :D

Actually, This may not be such a big thing for many as I am making it out to be. 86 %ile. Ask some of those who aim for FMS or XLRI and they will spit on my score. But I am really content, more so considering My pathetic preparation and How well I was (or actually, wasnt!) prepared for this.

At the same time, I have also realised Life can be much more wonderful, provided I get on my toes soon and prepare myself completely for the times ahead. Otherwise, Life is not gonna be easy.

Life has been pretty nice to me in last 10 days. Though I had a few low moments too, for e.g. I had this big issue with a friend over a really silly matter (difference of opinion on a film of all things... lols). Just hope Things dont stay as bitter as they are presently.

Also, I spent almost as much money in last 10 as I do in the entire month. This is really very embarrasing, esp. when I will need a lot of money in the near future... :((
And then there is this nerve-wrecking unpredictability of the results. And I am not able to handle it, really.

However, There's lot more to come. Much more hard work, much more anxiety and hopefully, Lot more Contentment. :)

So after a long self-imposed holiday, I am back to Life! Hope to stay as lively here too. Cheers! ;)


Unknown said...

its soo good to read all the positively......'touch wood'...hope god keeps on blessing u....giving u all happiness in the world....keep up the spirit......cheers!!!

Harsh said...

Thankuuuuuuu :) >:d<

.................. said...

hehe moms are never satisfied.. though i always get same comment by my mom that agar padhta toh 70 aa jaate jab bina padhe 60 aa sakte hai :p .. aneways good u r happy with ur score n good colleges in offer ... ;)

Starkiss said...

nice to read about the +ve thgs going on in ur life..
hope ths goes on..but yea..those little -ve stuffs keeps comin always in one way or the other unfortunately!!
as i said once.. when all everything comes your way means you are in the wrong lane :O !!

anyways..all the bests fr results :P

Sajal Ehsaas said...

sorry for being late yaar...but u made my day by this post(again am reading it soo late)...wish the future even exceeds ur expectations....

vaise I know u are good at numbers...and this blog shows u are good at english...bas achha to hona hi tha :)