Saturday, December 13, 2008

Revisiting Mistakes....

Its been 2 weeks, and See my guts, I am not ashamed a bit to write that I hardly studied all these days. Shamelessness ka example no. 2 - My semester exams are from next friday. And to think that I hope to get in a really nice college for my PG. Lols. :D

And actually, This is not what makes me all this frustrated. The fact that The well-reputed bug of 'Tension' or 'Anxiety' doesnt seem to find me. I am as relaxed as I was on the eve of Diwali. I am treating Life as a never-ending Vacation, and the scariest part is - ITS NOT!!

And then There are awards coming up at FILMI FREAK - Year has ended, So many new threads have to be made, So much to be done, and I will have my exams for those exact 2 weeks. :((

I wont curse Life like before as It has given me too good times in the recent past to even think of a word of grudging. I dont know why I am not studying at all. Firstly, I dont feel like holding books, and The fact that I follow my heart mostly makes this case a sheer impossible one. Despite realising the need for a change, I havent been able to go for it.

Dec 19 is the date when My BBA Exams start, On 21 I have SNAP Test and as soon as My exams end, I gotta join some GD/PI classes to prepare for the selection rounds of all those so-called 'Prestigious' Institutes for my further studies. I would otherwise give a damn to them, but kya karen, My life somewhat depends on them unfortunately. :O

Another unfortunate incident happened an hour ago. I was angry with a friend of mine, although over a small issue. When My room-mates came to me and warned me for my careless attitude towards exam, I shooed them away saying I know where I stand and I dont need any advice. Occasions like these are when I really wish my temper was a li'l less short. :((

None the less, Being the ridiculously relaxed guy that I am, I dare to hope against hopes, yet again, that I manage to open my books and actually get some of its content make its way to my brain.



Kiran said...

No use crying over split milk :p

The only solutuon is to study... there are no shortcuts. Just exercise some self-control, follow a timetable... and u'r there ;)

Easier said than done, I know :)

Take Care :)

P.S.: How I too wish u kept u'r temper in check :P :D

Sajal Ehsaas said...

wont say much about the short temper thing...if u are good at heart,this aspect is bad for u but often makes u do wonderful things...strange...anyway even I suffer from this problem and cant find any possible solution to it

about studies...I have one solution..try implementing it..I do respect all following heart thing,but first things first...thats wat life is...
try studying like crazy for just a couple of days..just decide that all u will do is study..even if so much is not that and u are totally in a different zone...