Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Aaj ki Taaza Khabar

A few days ago, One of my friends said, "I have enrolled for PDP already."
I was like dumb-struck. Whats that, i thought to myself, and pointed the same to my friend.
She was eqaully shocked, and replied after a pregnant pause, 'Personality Development Programme..!!'
And within 3 days, I find myself enrolling for the same. PDP. Lols. :))

Now I must tell you, This is just the right thing I could do at this stage. GD/PI sessions wont be easy unless I begin preparing for them much in advance. Hope to live upto the hard work it requires... :)

Now this is not the only major event of the day that was Dec 16, 2008!!
While Brushing in the morning, (err.. or may be, afternoon :-s ) The remains of One of my teeth came out. I was not surprised, It had happened to me once before... :P
The Fruit & Nuts and The Chocolate chip biscuits are doing their job finally. I just hope I dont have to use a teeth set soon. God, its Scary! :O

Now Coming to the 3rd and quite an intriguing event. As I came out from My Coaching Institute, I saw an outlet of Cafe Coffee Day on the opposite side of the road.
Now there's something with the CCDs that frighten me beyond beliefs. I've dared to visit Pizza Hut, I now find it quite okay to sit between those Coolly dressed Youngsters at Mcdonalds. But wonder whats with CCD that I never dare to step its threshold. I feel this sense of awe when I look at the people inside. They belong to the Elite group. THE ELITE group. And They look every bit of it... :)
I am not from as high a strata, so there's this strange kind of fear. Fear of being tackily dressed, Fear of talking in Hindi to The Guy at the counter, Fear of being embarrased for not knowing ANY item on the Menu. :)
As I was walking besides it, I could see through the glass ceiling. I could see all those pretty faces holding the stylishly crafted Mugs, sipping Coffee as if all the Coffee beans in the world would be destroyed by next morning. I felt a sense of looking upto (I was literally looking upto them, as they were on a platform a bit higher :)) ) them.
One day, I wish to be as Self-dependent and Rich that I can confidently step into any outlet of CCD and order for the costliest drink on the other side of the counter. :)

I am not being too ambitious or anything. Just hope that One day, I find myself in that ELITE group, that the Glass ceiling breaks someday. ;)


Prachi said...


even i dont knw the menu of CCD... grr...alwayz short of funds./...

i only knw clay pie and brownie :O never tried any drink :D

sajal said...

jugni rehndi seeshe paar... :P

I have such experiences minus such feelings..I am one of those who prays that he doesnt really get into that very elite grp some day...vaise I have a habit of always deciding what to eat(anywhere we go) by discussing with others(read asking) :)

Harsh said...


Clay pie.. Brownie.... :O
Bahut hai yaar... atleast kuch to pataa hai... :P


Why sajal ?? You dont wanna be a part of Upper middle class someday ?? :O

Sajal Ehsaas said...

actually no...this feeling does creep in but very rarely...I would prefer a simple life with its share of struggle and compromises which will make it all the more beautiful

Mogambo said...

dude... i've been to CCD and beleive me its not meant for the upper class.
i've seen people speaking bihari in there...you just need money and i believe sipping a coffee with a guy like you at a chai wala @bus stand will be a much better experience rather than sipping a coffee @CCD with some jerk ...

Cheers ...lets have coffee together sometime...lemme know and maybe i'll accompany you to your first CCD visit ;)