Monday, December 15, 2008

Clean Bowled!

Life is full of Ironies. Tarun, one of my room-mates has Computer ever since I am sharing room with him (and thats 4 months, haan ??)
But its only now that I have discovered this game on his System, and I am addicted like hell! Its sheer wrong timing, but I cant control myself. Gawd! :((

However, I found this very apt connection in the way I approach Cricket (this game I mentioned :P) and the way I face Life. When I was playing yesternite, I realised the level of difficulty was Low. And soon, I was mostly going for Boundaries and Sixes. I hardly tried to take singles or doubles. This is the reason why I lost my wickets most of times - trying to attack when I was meant to defend. I myself was wondering about How impatient I actually am.

There's this uncanny similarity here. In my life too, I cant wait for good things to come. I am as restive. And yea, I guess in my life too, The level of difficulty is very low. (At the Cost of sounding Highly Immodest, I think I am quite Intelligent that makes it low for me)
But still, I make the least of it, thanks to my lack of ability to work hard and restlessness. :((

Anyways, enough of Self-praising and Self-bashing. Time for some breaking news about my life. ;)

I just realised I have become sort of an outcast. :)) For my outrageously 'Negative' conduct at my Second home FF. May be Thats not wrong either. Other members comment because they want to satisfy their hunger for expression of thoughts, not to have contradictions (that too, Derogatory, may be :O )
But by contradicting them, I too am expressing my thoughts only, na ?? As long as I am not doing it at Gun-point, I really dont know what is wrong there :O

One of my friends said that I was wrong in doing that with my friends too. I really am amazed to see someone feel that the contradiction of opinion and its expression should be avoided if the people involved are friends. We became Friends because of the same place, na ?? Because of the same topic, same point of interest ..!!
Then Why shut our mouths if we see ourselves disagreeing with our friends ??

I did whatever I did, thinking Our Debates on movies will be kept aside from our friendship. Alas, that was not the case.

Anyways, it doesnt matter now anyways. I've left that place now. I realised thats the only way for me to not distract the positive film-lovers and stay in my ivory towers, and let them stay in theirs.

Anyways, Thats all from Me for now. Hope You guys enjoyed reading. Catch ya sometime later. Chao!


Sajal Ehsaas said...

when it comes to in the case of the end of teh day...sab kuchh dpdp hai..there are no right or wrong people..just different people

be patient...u very well know that those conerned here...are those who are really concerned for u and who care about u...nothing matters more than this

just relax...exams achhe se dena...mera idea koshish karna ek baar...chak de fatte :)

Prachi said...

abbe oye kundru ke bache :P
jaake ek chota sa brk le and waapas aa... u r not going anywhr on an indefinite basis. i hope u get tht right!!!!

get lost u kundru.... enjoy ur cricket :D

btw howz rahul? :X

Kiran said...

Not an enjoyable read at all Harshu :((

As much as I want u to be back, I also wish you did it solely because YOU want to be back & not bcoz everyone else is asking you to ... Hope that's not too confusing :P

I agree when you say that our bonding's are beyond FF, but u got to realise that it's where the bonding originated. However far we go, our heart & for some of us, even our souls will always be with FF. Somehow, I know u belong to the latter category.

Without trying to sound too preachy, would only re-iterate that just self-analyse the entire thing once again & then decide... Even if it means taking some time to do so.

Also remember the one person that you are hurting the most in all this is YOURSELF, how much ever you deny it :P

I can go on & on about this... lols

Will conclude by saying, U mean a lot to everyone at FF. And I'm sure we all mean a lot to u too ( Ab mat kehna galat socha):P ... So whats the point in hurting each other time & again??? Think over it :)

You take care & come back soon... :)

Kiran said...

And yeah, being unique doesn't make one an outcast ;) ... U were, are & will always be One of us :P

Aur Cricket thoda kam kijiye, D-day's coming closer :-s

Chao :D

Harsh said...


Nap de killi....:P

On a serious note, I'd certainly try ur idea... Cant afford to take any tension at this stage.... :D


I actually aim to take a long break, prachi.. lets see how much i succeed..... :)

And Rahul is fine... remembers u a lot.... :X...
96%ile.... ;))


It originated there doesnt mean I will stop myself. Khair, We've had a lot of talk on this.... it will go same way again.... :P

And Cricket kam ho jaayega... Its just a FAD.... :)